Healthy lifestyle: myths and reality

A healthy lifestyle is a concept that encompasses various aspects of a person's life, including nutrition, physical activity, psychological state, and social connections. In today's world, where stress and chronic diseases have become commonplace, a healthy lifestyle becomes especially relevant. But what exactly does it mean?

Why are breasts so important?

Breasts play an extremely important role in a woman's life and have a complex anatomical structure, while performing a number of key functions that ensure both the individual health of a woman and the health of her child.

The influence of water on our organism

Water is a vital component for all living organisms, and humans are no exception. The influence of water on our body is extremely large and comprehensive. It makes up approximately 60% of the total body weight of an adult, and for newborns this proportion is even greater. Water participates in numerous physiological processes, ensuring the normal functioning of the body.