HIV | AIDS | Acquired immunodeficiency syndrome

04 May 2024
HIV | AIDS | Acquired immunodeficiency syndrome

Human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) brought about a persistent, severe and possibly deadly state named acquired immunodeficiency syndrome(AIDS). HIV hampers a capacity of organism to struggle with the microorganisms, which make an illness. It harms the immunity.

HIV is a virus which can be transferred by a sexual contact, by someone\'s diseased blood or can be given from mother to child in the course of pregnancy, suckling the baby or birthing. The HIV can deliberate the immunity for many years, so that a person can have AIDS. This condition on the bottom can occur without taking any medicine.

HIV/AIDS are incurable. Fortunately several medicines are obtainable for reducing a development of the illness. Leaning on the stage of the disease, the HIV virus complaints as well as AIDS are different.

Sooner characteristics of HIV disease

HIV infection spreads day by day damaging the immunity of body. Some persistent signs exist, that may be seen:
b) Delirium
c) Loose motions
d) Slim down
f) Shingles (herpes zoster)
g) Bloated lymph glands
h) Oral yeast infection (thrush)

Detached concealed disease (Persistent HIV)

In the time of detached concealed HIV a person may have constant bloating of lymph glands. There are no other complaints during this disease. HIV stays in person\'s body. Concealed HIV can remain in the body for ten years. The development of illness depends on the body of a person, in some people disease can be concealed for many years, but in others it can be developed very quickly.

Principal disease (HIV)

Being diseased with HIV virus, after microorganism penetrates into body, many people have a flu for a month. It can continue for several weeks. Main manifestations of the illness are given below:
1. Rush
2. Delirium
3. Bloated lymph nodes, especially on the neck
4. Pharyngitis
5. Pain in muscles
6. Sore head

In the bloodstream quantity of pathogen goes high in such period, though manifestations of the illness are not very prominent, so that it can\'t be noticed immediately. Because of this, the microorganism spreads quickly in the body.

AIDS\'s development

The development of AIDS after HIV can occur throughout ten years. During the course of virus AIDS a human being is inclined to catch various ailments that may be not available for a normal immunity, owing to the fact that AIDS terribly hurts and incapacitates the immunity of the body. Complaints of the illness are those given below:

1. Bruises on the skin or reckless
2. Constant Diarrhea
3. Continuous delirium
4. Stable weakness
5. Regular white spots either on tongue or in mouth
6. Count calories
7. Night wetness
Having a minor doubt of being affected with HIV virus person must immediately be examined by the doctor.

The main reasons of acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS)

As we have already known HIV is a virus that can be transferred sexually, by diseased blood or from mother to child while pregnancy, birthing or suckling a child

The progression of AIDS after HIV

The immune structure is weakening while HIV, apt to catch different diseases. HIV kills blood cells. Body can\'t struggle against ill health. HIV germ may stay in the anatomy of a person for years, after that it develops into AIDS. When a human\'s CD4 count drops below 200, he/she acquires AIDS from HIV infection.

Transferring of HIV

HIV is the affection which can\'t be passed by simple ways as touch of lips, tight gripping, hand-shaking with the diseased person, it can’t be transferred into the breathing. For being diseased with HIV the viral sperm, blood or vaginal secretion must penetrate into body of person. HIV is transferred by various methods:
Blood exchange: the risk being infected by this way is small-scale, because American banks of medical and blood donor centers closed the source of blood for the HIV neutralizers.
Sexual contact: by this way a germ enters the body while sexual acting with diseased person, through mouth aching and tears which are progressed in vagina or rectum while the act. A person can be diseased while having oral, vaginal or anal sex with a diseased person by his sperm, blood or vaginal secretion entering the body of a person.
Syringes: using the syringes with diseased vital fluid is very dangerous for passing the virus from one body to another. It\'s a big possibility to be contaminated with HIV virus.

While pregnancy, giving birth to baby or feeding the baby: If mother has an HIV virus disease, it\'s possible to transfer the infection also to the child while giving birth to him and during mother\'s-feeding. She can reduce the expose of danger of infecting the child by curing herself while pregnancy.

Expose to danger

No matter of what age, race, sex a human is, everyone can simply catch an HIV virus, without any precautionary measures.
HIV/AIDS first manifestations were appeared in the US. It generally concerned to men. So it\'s obvious that HIV disease is as well as common in heterosexual sex. There are a part of elements which make higher risk of being diseased with HIV virus. First of all, it could be because of unsafe sex: sexual contact without usage of latex, without any protection. Threat of getting an affection arises, when person has various sex partners all the time. A human can also be affected by mouth sores, which are entrances for HIV germ to enter into body.
The Usage of endovenous narcotics or medicines are also very dangerous, as used people share used syringes and use one needle by turns, because of this the diseased blood penetrates into healthy body.


We are aware that while being affected with HIV virus, the immunity of our body weakens and our it looses a power to struggle against ailments. There are a part of infections which have similar symptoms as HIV/AIDS. For example:
Candidiasis: it\'s an illness connected with HIV. An ill person may have rash, pain, white layer on tongue, mouth, vagina.
Cryptosporidiosis: the source of the virus is abdominal barnacle, that lives in animals. A human being can be affected with cryptosporidiosis eating or drinking polluted nourishment or aqua. The microorganism became mature in bile ducts origining a constant diarrhea.
Tuberculosis: this infection is usual in nations of poor resources. It\'s deeply connected with HIV. A number of people die from this infection.
Cryptococcal meningitis: this is central nervous system disease. In case of this ailment liquid and sheath circling the brain and meninges are infected.
Cytomegalovirus: it\'s a herpes infection. If the immunity of person is healthy and strong, it can struggle against the infection softening it, but if the immune structure is unhealthy, diseased the illness develops and causes damage for lungs, eyes and other organs. At first virus is transferred in mother\'s milk, sperm, vital fluid.
Toxoplasmosis: it\'s an affection originated from Toxoplasma gondii which is very dangerous, this germ lives in cats and can be passed from diseased cat to other animals or human beings.

As well as there are a part of tumors connected with HIV/AIDS. One of them is the Kaposi\'s sarcoma- a cyst of the blood artery fences. These cysts are pink or red bruises on the skin. On dark skin the bruises can be black or brown. Kaposi\'s sarcoma infects inner parts of the body. The other virus is called Lymphomas. It often infects the lymph glands and swelling system is without any pain.

Besides these mentioned, other difficulties exist.

The illness of kidney- the infection of this illness threatens most of all to blacks because of hereditary suspectability. This is an HIV-associated nephropathy(HIVAN). First of all it infects small filters of kidney that abolish the overflow of liquid and gives it to urine.

Wasting syndrome- during this syndrome a person looses the 10% of weight, complains of continuous weakness, delirium and loose motions. Thousands of people throughout the world complain of the wasting syndrome, from it many people are affected with AIDS.

Neurological problems- AIDS can originate many neurological manifestations as distraction, stress, dullness, restlessness. Walking became very difficult, behavior is changed, mental abilities are altered.

Analysis and Conclusions

For a person\'s body the development of neutralizer takes a long time, often more than 3 months. HIV is analyzed by testing blood or saliva.there are some ways of analyzing. One of them is home analysis, which is accessible. For that analysis one must wipe the liquid from the gums. A person must consult a doctor, in the case of positive analysis , so that doctor gives him a treatment, in the event of negative test, the analysis must be repeated in 12 weeks. Another way of analysis for HIV took place with the help of albumen formed by the germ promptly after affection, can affirm the result rapidly.being aware of the sooner adequate definition of the illness people do everything possibly to block further increase of disease. After being aware of adequate definition of affection, doctor undertakes special analysis to distinguish on what period the disease is. That analysis consists of one. Aggressive load, which weight the quantity of germ in the body. A great number of people who haves increased aggressive load are more ailing than those whose aggressive load is decreased.

After all this the doctor also must undertake analysis for other further difficulties of health, for the infections like:
1. Hepatitis
2. Toxoplasmosis
3. Kidney illness
4. Affections transferred by a sexual contact
5. Urinary tract infection
6. Tuberculosis